Sunday, September 24, 2017

Anyone Else On Your Bed? Will Say Smart Mattress

If you know, you will be surprised, happy with. A Spanish mattress maker company created a mattress whose specialty is that, if someone uses your bed, then Mattress will tell you on your smart phone.
Smart mattress
The sensor and speed detector used inside this smart mattress. Whenever someone will use this smart mattress, its vibration system will activate the sensor and tell you how it is being used. It costs $ 1,700,000 (US $ 37,000).The company said that cheating in spouses is increasing in Spain every day. This mattress has been created to stop this fraud.
This mattress is unsuccessful to announce its results. Whether or not your partner is trustworthy or not, these mattress will never cheat. The company's manufacturer said.
Also, this smart mattress will tell you how much time you sleep and how good your sleep is. Of course, other fitness trackers can also provide this information. But the only maturate smart mattress can tell about fraud.
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