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Can’t Sleep? Here 12 Solution For Sleep

Sleep is a mystery island Blaze light-dark. 'Who comes to sleep in a pleasant mood?' Again, 'never awakens, the goddess.' The body that has its life in it, does not have any role in it, forgetting about the world.We all spend one third of life in such a situation. Sleep is an essential part of life. We have to sleep for seven to eight hours every day.When we go to sleep, we have to go through all the strange events in the body - we have gone far away, in the dream of the dream - what astonished the body with its own self-supervision!.
 Can’t sleep
Sleep is different levels. We came down very often at a deep sleeping level, suddenly when we woke up, it would come from the bottom of the sleeping, and we also had a lot of sleeping on the border of the awakening.
Many times we do not sleep Wake up night to wake up Eyelashes are not the same. Anxiety, office work, examinations, front of marriage good-bad for many reasons, slumbering night. All-around in bed all night.
Scientists say, there are ways to do that, so that there is sunshine. Sleep Hygiene or Sleep Keeps the mind and body calm, refreshing and strong. There are some suggestions, which can be good judgment if you can. 

What will happen to sleep?

 It is not okay to sleep in bed when you do not sleep. If you do not sleep, you have to do something so that the mind is relaxed. Read a light type book, listen to soft melody music. The body will relax, mind it somewhere else. Do not sleep for 20 minutes? So it is better to leave the bed. You have to find something that makes the mind relaxed. Do not go to bed if you do not cut down on anger or rash.

1. Before sleeping, watching television, working in the office - must not refrain from these works. You can keep mild light, fresh flowers in the bedroom.
2. The bedroom will be cool, dark but cool. As if lying in the cave. Sleep like a bat The bats sleep 16 hours. The cave snake is so cold that it is so sleepy.
3. Try to fall asleep at the same time. At the same time, you will wake up at the same time. Follow these rules on holidays.
4. If you take a bath in light hot water before sleeping, it will be refreshing.
5. Better not to sleep during the day. Even after sleeping, do not sleep for more than 20 minutes after three o'clock in the afternoon.
6. If you follow the rules in all areas of life, sleep will be seen.
7. Reading bed, reading TV, writing, not talking on the phone.
8. Caffeine and drinks are not drinking since lunch. That is, tea and coffee, chocolate.
9. Smoking and alcohol will be excluded.
10. Do not go to bed hungry, and do not go to bed again.
11. Sleeping in regular exercise. Hours of exercise are enough. Fast walking, bicycling, swimming Exercise before going to bed. Exercise early or afternoon in the day.
12. The day will be as light as the day light, the light goes into the house, the office.
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